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Salesforce Development Training

A comprehensive program that covers the fundamentals of Salesforce Development. It includes live tutorials and exercises to help students design and write efficient code. This course is suitable for Admins, newbie Developers, BA, Consultants who aims to master Salesforce Development.

Who is this Course for ?​

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After this Course you will understand,Implement Development

Understanding of Basic Concepts
Practical Coding Experience
Project-Based Learning
Ready for PD1 Certification
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Training Schedule

Training Start Date

1st June 2024
Training is of 3 Month Duration with Weekend Classes.


IST - 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM
EST - 7:00 AM to 9:30 AM
BST - 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM
ACDT - 8:30 PM to 11:00 PM

Training Syllabus

Week 1 - Introduction to Apex

Understanding the basics, setup, and execution contexApex Environments: Sandbox vs. Production environments for development and testingApex Variables and Literals: Declaring and using variables, understanding literals in ApexApex Datatypes and sObjects: Exploring fundamental data types and Salesforce object interactionsCollections: Detailed usage of Lists, Sets, and Maps in ApexOperators: Comprehensive guide to using operators, including assignment, arithmetic, and logical operators

Week 2 - Object Oriented Programming & Logic Control Structures

Object-Oriented Programming in ApexClasses and Methods: Definition and structure of classes, writing methods, method overloadingAccess Modifiers and Constructors: Visibility keywords, default and parameterized constructorsInheritance: Implementing inheritance, overriding methodsAbstract Classes and Interfaces: When to use, differences, and practical examples.If Else Statement and Switch Case: Detailed scenarios and nested structuresLoops: Exploring while, do-while, for, and enhanced for loops with examplesPlay with Maps and Object Wrapper Class: Implementing complex data structures with practical use cases.

Week 3 - SOQL and SOSL | DML Operations and Exception Handling

Introduction to SOQL and SOSL: Differences, use cases, and basicsSOQL Functions and Queries: Writing queries using aggregate functions, understanding SOQL relationship queries including child-to-parent, parent-to-child, and multilevel relationshipsDynamic SOQL and SOSL: Implementing and utilizing dynamic queries for flexible applicationsDML Operations: Insert, update, delete, undelete, upsert, merge, and their impact on databaseTransaction Control: Understanding transaction boundaries, rollback scenariosException Handling: Handling built-in exceptions, creating custom exceptions, using try-catch-finally blocks.

Week 4 - Triggers and Best Practices

Types of Triggers: Before, after, and their specific usesTrigger Events: Detailed explanation of trigger events and context variablesTrigger Best Practices: Bulkification, avoiding recursion, using a trigger framework for cleaner codeTrigger Scenarios: Implementing complex business logic through multiple trigger examples

Week 5 - Asynchronous Apex

Understanding Governor Limits: In-depth discussion on governor limits and strategies to handle themBatch Apex: Writing batch classes, implementing the Stateful interface, handling large data volumeFuture Methods and Queueable Apex: Use cases, differences, and implementation examplesScheduled Apex: Writing and scheduling classeMonitoring and Optimizing Asynchronous Jobs: Techniques to monitor batch jobs, future methods, and optimizing performance

Week 6 - Testing in Apex | API and Integration

Introduction to Testing: Importance of testing in the development lifecycleWriting Test Classes: Best practices, annotations, test coverage essentialsAdvanced Testing Techniques: Mocking external services, using test setup methods, testing batch apex.REST API Integration: Basics of REST API, making callouts from Salesforce, receiving API callsCreating APIs in Salesforce: Designing custom REST endpointsUsing Salesforce Workbench: Practical exercises on API testing and exploration.

Week 7 - Introduction to Frontend Technologies and LWC

Basic HTML, CSS, and JS: Foundations for frontend developmentSetup Development Environment for LWC: Configurations and toolsLWC Fundamentals: Understanding the core concepts and structure

Week 8 - Advanced LWC Development

Component Lifecycle and Events: Hooks and event handling in LWCLightning Data Service and Forms: Handling Salesforce data in LWCNavigation and Styling in LWC: Implementing navigation and using Salesforce Lightning Design System

Week 9 - LWC Live project

Api integration, lwc, webhook, rest resource two sync integration.

Week 10 - Visualforce Pages and Components

 Introduction to Visualforce: Core concepts, setting up Visualforce in Salesforce.Controllers: Using standard, custom controllers, and controller extensions.Advanced Visualforce Techniques: Implementing complex UIs, using JavaScript, and AJAX in Visualforce pages

Week 11 - Deployment and Lifecycle Management

Sandboxes and Change Sets: Utilizing different sandboxes for development, testing, and trainingSFDX CLI and CI/CD: Automating deployment processes using Salesforce DX, understanding Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment.

Final 12 Week - Capstone Projects and Mock Interviews

Live Projects: Real-world scenarios to apply learned skills

Mock Interviews: Preparing for job interviews with technical questions and best practices discussion.

Training Reviews

This is the best course of flow in which I have come across , From each video, I get some key learning about flows. My doubts are solved easily via the Cloud Phadle platform and live sessions. Now I am able to create flows with different use cases and also get to understand them deeply. Apart from the course, I feel Shubham aka Salesforce Geek is a great mentor who motivates us to keep moving ahead. I am very thankful to him.

Awesome Support

Sakshi Shukla

I had the privilege of receiving Salesforce Flow 1:1 support from Shubham and I can confidently say that he exceeded my expectations. Shubham remarkable depth of knowledge and expertise in Salesforce Flow that truly impressed me. He went extra mile to ensure that my needs were met. His responsiveness and willingness to address my questions and concerns were commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend Cloud Padhle Academy for Salesforce Flow support. I am grateful for Shubham outstanding support.

Highly recommended Training

Richa Verma

The flow course which has been launched by shubham sir is just fabulous as it is helping me and many students personally to understand each of the concepts clearly from basics. I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent job you have done in explaining the topics we have covered in class. Your clear and concise explanations have made complex topics easy to understand and digest. Your teaching style is very effective, and I appreciate the effort you put into ensuring that every student is able to comprehend the topics.  You have created a warm and welcoming learning environment where everyone feels comfortable asking questions and participating in discussions. Your passion for teaching and dedication to our learning has been truly inspiring. Your teaching style is engaging and effective, and you have a gift for explaining complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand thank you for this wonderful course

Best for Salesforce Training


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Salesforce Development Training

The only training you need to learn everything about Salesforce Development

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Training FAQ'S

I don't have any Prior experience of any Programming Language Can I take this Course?

Yes, this course will cover all important concepts from basic till advanced. So, there is no need to know anything about coding beforehand.

Is this a LIVE or a Recorded Course ?

This is a live training, where we will provide the recording of the LIVE sessions as well to teach students.

If i miss any LIVE session, how can i attend it again ?

You will be provided with session RECORDINGS, you can access them whenever you want.

I am a School students or College Student, can i watch this course along with studies ?

Yes, you can. This course will be beneficial for you, if your target is to learn Salesforce Development

Do, I need to learn anything before this course starts ?

Yes , learning Salesforce Admin is a pre-requisite. other than that We will cover everything right from scratch in this training.

Can I get a refund incase I change my mind ?

Yes, you can only request for Refund within "7 days" from your training Start date.

Can I pay in EMIs, is there any option available ?

Yes, you can pay in EMI mode. We have support available for it.

How long is the course access?

The course is accessible for the duration of 1 year.

Will there be a Certificate of completion?

Yes, you will get a certificate after finishing this course.

Is there a group/community I can join after enrolling?

Yes, we will inform you about the community to join after the batch starts.

I paid but still did not receive any welcome email/unable to access my course. What to do?

In most of the cases this is because you filled a different email address or wrongly typed your email address while payment. In such a case please send us an email with the subject "ENROLMENT ISSUE SALESFORCE DEVELOPMENT SUPREME BATCH " along with your registered email ID, phone number, payment id and a screenshot of your payment.

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